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Conferința lunară a FMI, marți 21.05.2024, ora 14:00, prof. Bogdan Simion (University of Toronto)

Conferința lunară a FMI:

Marți, 21.05.2024, ora 14, în sala 10

Prof. Bogdan Simion (University of Toronto) va susține următoarea prelegere:

Titlu: Generative AI in Computer Science Education: Adapting to the Inevitable

Rezumat: The rise of generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) has had a
transformative effect in many domains of activity. Computer Science
education is also on the brink of decision making into how to adapt to
this new computational landscape. Early instructor attitudes aimed to
either ban these tools, or figure out how to embrace them effectively
and incorporate them into teaching. Several studies have been
published recently ranging from analyzing instructor attitudes towards
LLMs and student attitudes and trust in LLMs, to exploring
opportunities to leverage LLMs for automatic problem generation,
automated grading, accessible feedback, support for debugging, and
many more. In this talk, I will discuss these aspects and the
evolution of perceptions and use cases of LLMs in computer science
education. The talk will be an opportunity for participants to reflect
on their practices and future plans with respect to generative AI and

Short bio: Bogdan Simion is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream in Computer
Science at University of Toronto, Mississauga. He is a former
University „Politehnica” of Bucharest alumni, and holds a PhD in
Computer Science and a Master’s of Applied Science degree in Computer
Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has taught a range of
undergraduate computer science courses, from introductory programming
to advanced topics in the area of operating systems, distributed
systems, and parallel programming. He is a principal investigator in
several computer science pedagogical research projects, holds several
teaching and learning grants, and is involved in computer science
curriculum initiatives. He has published extensively in computer
science education conferences, and received a best paper award at the
ACM SIGCSE Technical Symposium 2023.

(prezentare în cadrul Seminarului de Informatica teoretica, algoritmi si bioinformatics)