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Conferința lunară a FMI, joi 28.09.2023, ora 14:00, prof. Cristian Calude (University of Auckland)

Conferința lunară a FMI:

Joi, 28.09.2023, ora 14, în sala Google

Prof. Cristian Calude (University of Auckland) va susține următoarea prelegere:

Titlu: Quantum Randomness

Rezumat: Random digits are used hundreds of billions of times a day to encrypt data in electronic networks. From where do they come? Die rolls? Computer programs? The digits of pi? Beam splitters? Are these numbers equally random? Are quantum random bits truly/perfect random? How can we know whether a string of digits is random? How good are quantum random number generators? Have these questions been selected at random?

(prezentare comună cu seminarul de logică)