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Conferința lunară a FMI, joi 18.05.2023, ora 15:00, prof. Elena Grigorescu (Purdue University)

Conferința lunară a FMI:

Joi, 18.05.2023, ora 15, în sala Consiliului Facultății, lângă decanat (N.B. sală actualizată – nu se mai ține în sala Google)

Prof. Elena Grigorescu (Purdue University) va susține următoarea prelegere:

Titlu: Local Codes for Insertion and Deletion Errors

Rezumat: Locally Decodable Codes (LDCs) are error-correcting codes
for which individual message symbols can be quickly recovered despite
errors in the codeword. LDCs for Hamming errors have been studied
extensively in the past few decades, where a major goal is to
understand the amount of redundancy that is necessary and sufficient
to decode from large amounts of error.

In this talk I will describe our recent results on LDCs and their
variants, when the errors are in the form of insertions and deletions
(a.k.a. synchronization errors), rather than classical Hamming errors.
Local codes against insertions and deletions are well-motivated by
recent progress on DNA storage technologies. I will conclude with
several open problems. The talk will be self-contained. (Based on
joint work with Alex Block, Jeremiah Blocki, Kuan Cheng, Shubhang
Kulkarni, Xin Li, Yu Zheng, Minshen Zhu.)

(joint presentation pentru seminarul de informatică teoretică, algoritmi și bioinformatică și seminarul de logică)