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Admission Master July 2020

General Information

  • Registration will be done online.
  • The exam will be held online.
  • The competition samples are file analysis and oral evidence. Candidates whose bachelor's degree does not fall into the fields of Informatics, Mathematics, Computers and Information Technology, will prepare a list of 4 subjects in the field of master's.
  • Applicants who register for English-language programs must hold a certificate of language proficiency for English issued by the institutions authorized by the Ministry of Education and Research. These certificates can also be issued by the Foreign Language Center of the University of Bucharest. If you would like to take the exam online during the crisis, please contact Mrs. Prof. Diana Ionita.

Excerpts from the methodology

Information for International Students

Organization of master's programs in the academic year 2020-2021

Master – Learner with Frequency


BUGET Places


Informatics – IF

 1. Databases and software technologies

4 Sem.



 2. Data Science

 3. Software engineering

 4. Artificial Intelligence

 5. Security and Applied Logic

 6. Distributed systems

 7. Natural Language Processing

Mathematics – IF

 1. Advanced Studies in Mathematics – in partnership with the Higher Normal School Bucharest

4 Sem.



 2. Algebra, Geometry and Cryptography

 3. Mathematical analysis and applications

 4. Teaching mathematics

 5. Probabilities and statistics in finance and science

Master – Learner with Low Frequency


BUGET Places


Informatics – IFR

 1. Databases and software technologies

4 Sem.