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Admission License July 2020

The submission of applications for admission is made in the application of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics:

Deadline for sending files through the application: 10 July, 23.59. For candidates who register online from college the deadline is July 10, 2 p.m.

License Domains

The licensing areas for which admission is organised in the July 2020 session are:

  • Mathematics
  • Informatics – IF (Frequency Education)
  • Computers and Information Technology

Admission methodology

Admission to undergraduate studies, the form of frequency education (IF), will be made only on a file basis, without any written evidence. Account shall be taken of the results obtained in the baccalaureate examination and of the results obtained at the olympics and specialized school competitions, according to their own methodology.

For each candidate the average admission shall be calculated by two decimal places, by truncation, according to the formula specific to each license area. Upon registration, candidates can opt for a bachelor's domain, two license domains or all three license areas, but will apply for each domain with the domain-specific average.

Admission FAQs

Excerpts from the admission methodology

Pre-enrollment/Admission registration

             A candidate is enrolled in the examination if he has submitted a complete valid file, which includes the results of the baccalaureate exam, proven by uploading the baccalaureate diploma (or a certificate issued by the high school according to the methodology) in electronic form.

             Candidates who hold the baccalaureate in June-July 2020 are offered the opportunity to pre-register by completing all other documents and by accepting the automatic extraction of the results of the baccalaureate from SIIIR-Integrated Information System of Education in Romania, based on an agreement between the University of Bucharest and the Ministry of Education and Research. Following the automatic extraction of the results, the pre-registered candidates whose file has been validated and who have passed the baccalaureate exam will be automatically enrolled.

► General information

► In preparing for the baccalaureate exam you can be useful:

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