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Annals of the University of Bucharest (mathematical series), ISSN 2067-9009 is a mathematical research journal, published by the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. This journal continues Analele Universitatii din Bucuresti-Matematica, founded in 1952. Annals of the University of Bucharest (mathematical series) aims at publishing high level original research papers and surveys, in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The papers published in this journal are abstracted in Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt Math. The journal consists of one yearly volume divided in 2 issues. Contributions should be in English and should be sent to one of the members of the Editorial Board or to one of the Editorial Secretaries.

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ISSN 2067-9009

Seria Matematica     Scurt Istoric


CABIRIA ANDREIAN-CAZACU (University of Bucharest, Cabiria.Andreian@imar.ro) • VIOREL BARBU (University of Iasi, vb41@uaic.ro) • LUCIAN BEZNEA ("Simion Stoilow" Inst.of Math., Lucian.Beznea@imar.ro) • HAIM BREZIS (The State University of New Jersey, brezis@math.rutgers.edu) • STEFAAN CAENEPEEL (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, scaenepe@vub.ac.be) • ION CHITESCU (University of Bucharest, ionchitescu@yahoo.com) • PHILIPPE CIARLET (City University of Hong Kong, MAPGC@cityu.edu.hk) • DOINA CIORANESCU (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, cioran@ann.jussieu.fr) • NICOLAIE D. CRISTESCU (University of Bucharest, cristesc@ufl.edu) • ROMULUS CRISTESCU (University of Bucharest, romuluscristescu@yahoo.com) • IOAN CUCULESCU (University of Bucharest, icucul@fmi.unibuc.ro) • NICOLAE DINCULEANU (University of Florida, nd@math.ufl.edu) • VIOREL IFTIMIE(University of Bucharest, viftimie@fmi.unibuc.ro) • GEORGE GEORGESCU (University of Buchares‚Äčt, georgescu@fmi.unibuc.ro) •  PALTIN IONESCU (University of Bucharest, Paltin.Ionescu@imar.ro) • MARIUS IOSIFESCU ("Gh. Mihoc-C. Iacob" Inst. of Math. Statist. and Appl. Math, miosifes@acad.ro) • YVON MADAY (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, maday@ann.jussieu.fr) • GERARD MAUGIN (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, gerard.maugin@upmc.fr) • JEAN MAWHIN (Universite Catholique de Louvain, Jean.Mawhin@uclouvain.be) • PETRU MIRONESCU (Université de Lyon, mironescu@math.univ-lyon1.fr) • CONSTANTIN NASTASESCU (University of Bucharest, constantin_nastasescu@yahoo.com) • LIVIU ORNEA (University of Bucharest, lornea@gta.math.unibuc.ro) • DORIN POPESCU (University of Bucharest, Dorin.Popescu@imar.ro) • VASILE PREDA (University of Bucharest, preda@fmi.unibuc.ro) • ROGER TEMAM (Indiana University, temam@indiana.edu) • IOAN TOMESCU (University of Bucharest, ioan@fmi.unibuc.ro)


RADU MICULESCU, University of Bucharest, miculesc@yahoo.com
MIHAI-SORIN STUPARIU, University of Bucharest, stupariu@fmi.unibuc.ro







Anul LIV — 2005 Nr.1


 Ion Chitescu - Gheorghe Vranceanu - 25 de ani de la moarte

 Kostake Teleman - The Work of Gh.Vranceanu on Nonholonomic Spaces

 Liviu Nicolescu, Gabriel Teodor Pripoae - Some Aspects of the Didactic and Scientific Activities of Professor Gheorghe Vranceanu

 Ion Vaduva - Cateva amintiri despre Acad.Prof. Gh.Vranceanu

 Steriu Ianus - Spatiile neolonome si conexiunea lui Vranceanu

 Adriana Turtoi - Gheorghe Vranceanu, profesorul meu

 Michael M.Dediu - Acad. Vranceanu in 2004, 25 Years After He Passed in Eternity

 Serban Ursu - Educatia pentru stiinte in general si pentru matematica in special in societatea bazata pe cunoastere

 Ilinca Adina Vranceanu - Gheorghe Vranceanu si mass-media

 Vladimir Balan, Nicu Mircea Carusu - Extensions of Order Two and Controlability for Dynamical Systems with Applications to Biology

 Iulia Elena Hirica - δ-J-g Decompositions on Almost Hermitian Manifolds

 Iulia Elena Hirica - Holomorphic Projective Operators on Almost Complex Manifolds

 Lucian Ionescu - A Combinatorial Approach to Coefficients in Deformation Quantization

 Ileana Rodica Nicola, Constantin Udriste, Vladimir Balan - Time-delayed Flow of Hepatocyte Physiology

 Brandusa Nicolaescu - A Class of Invariants for Lagrange Spaces with (α, β)-metrics

 Liviu Nicolescu, Gabriel Teodor Pripoae, Radu Gogu - Two Theorems on Semi-Symmetric Metric Connections

 Teodor Oprea - On the Geometry of Weyl Manifolds

 Teodor Oprea - Optimization Methods on Riemannian Submanifolds

 Nicolae Soare - A Note on a Generalization of the Connections of Schouten and Vranceanu of the f(2v+3, ε)-manifolds

 Ana-Maria Teleman - Some Analytical Properties Related to a Witten-Type Functional

 Kostake Teleman - The Space of Real Quadratic Forms

 Adriana Turtoi - Some Applications of Vranceanu's Metric

 Constantin Udriste, Iulian Duca - Periodical Solutions of Multitime Hamilton Equations

 Constantin Udriste, Gabriel Bercu - Riemannian Hessian Metrics

 Constantin Udriste, Dragos Adrian Cioroboiu - Geometric Extrema on Sasakian Space Forms

 Maria Teresa Calapso, Constantin Udriste - Tzitzeica and Walras Laws in Geometric Economics

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