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Annals of the University of Bucharest (mathematical series), ISSN 2067-9009 is a mathematical research journal, published by the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. This journal continues Analele Universitatii din Bucuresti-Matematica, founded in 1952. Annals of the University of Bucharest (mathematical series) aims at publishing high level original research papers and surveys, in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The papers published in this journal are abstracted in Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt Math. The journal consists of one yearly volume divided in 2 issues. Contributions should be in English and should be sent to one of the members of the Editorial Board or to one of the Editorial Secretaries.

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ISSN 2067-9009

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RADU MICULESCU, University of Bucharest, miculesc@yahoo.com
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Volume 4 (LXII), Nr. 1, 2013


 Proceedings of the "XIème Colloque Franco-Roumain de Mathématiques Appliquées" - Brief history / Editorial Board


 Invited speakers

 Sanda Cleja-Ţigoiu and Victor Ţigoiu - Different approaches to model the structural defects in elasto-plasticity

 Sylvie Méléard and Sylvie Roelly - Evolutive two-level population process and large population approximations

 Alain Miranville - Finite-dimensional attractors for thin film models

 Dan Tiba - Domains of class C: properties and applications


 Special section: Control of PDEs (Co-organizers: Jean-Pierre Puel, Marius Tucsnak)

 Marius Tucsnak - Weak stability of the solutions of a fluid-rigid body problem


 Special section: Image processing (Co-organizers: Basarab Matei, Sylvain Meignen)

 Valentina Davidoiu, Bruno Sixou, Max Langer and Francoise Peyrin - In-line phase tomography using nonlinear phase retrieval

 Alexandru Foias, Eric Perrin and Valeriu Vrabie - Higher order statistical analysis of nanoscale resolution images of unstained tissue sections for cancer detection

 Basarab Matei and Sylvain Meignen - A new optimization based approach to the empirical mode decomposition

 Voichita Maxim - Redundancy and inversion of the Compton transform


 Special section: Mathematical and numerical models in solid mechanics (Co-organizers: Patrik Hild, Andaluzia Matei, Mircea Sofonea)

 Anca Capatina and Claudia Timofte - An optimal control problem governed by implicit evolution quasi-variational inequalities

 Marius Cocou - A class of implicit evolution inequalities and applications to dynamic contact problems

 Andaluzia Matei - Weak solvability via Lagrange multipliers for two frictional contact models

 Stanislaw Migórski, Anna Ochal and Mircea Sofonea - History-dependent hemivariational inequalities with applications to Contact Mechanics

 Flavius-Olimpiu Pătrulescu, Anca Farcaş and Ahmad Ramadan - A penalized viscoplastic contact problem with unilateral constraints

 Olivian Simionescu-Panait - Energy estimates for Love wave in a pre-stressed layered structure

 Boudjemaa Teniou and Sabrina Benferdi - A contact problem with normal compliance and adhesion

 Aida Timofte - Existence, uniqueness and homogenization for ferroelectric materials


 Special section: Numerical probability (Co-organizers: Mădălina Deaconu, Gilles Pagès)

 Florin Avram - On Dümbgen's exponentially modified Laplace continued fraction for Mill's ratio

 Alexandru Lazari - Compositions of stochastic systems with final sequence states and interdependent transitions


 Special section: Spectral methods and applications in mathematical physics (Co-organizers: Joachim Asch, Gheorghe Nenciu)

 Jean-Marie Barbaroux and Semjon Vugalter - Contribution of the spin-Zeeman term to the binding energy for hydrogen in non-relativistic QED

 Virginie Bonnaillie-Noël and Bernard Helffer - On spectral minimal partitions: the disk revisited


 Special section: Statistics and fractional processes (Co-organizers: Anne Estrade, Serge Cohen)

 Hermine Biermé and Céline Lacaux - Linear multifractional multistable motion: LePage series representation and modulus of continuity

 Marianne Clausel and Béatrice Vedel - An optimality result about sample path properties of Operator Scaling Gaussian Random Fields

 Joachim Lebovits - From stochastic integral w.r.t. fractional Brownian motion to stochastic integral w.r.t. multifractional Brownian motionlebovits

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