DACS: Days of Computer Science
(CiE 2015 associated workshop)

University of Bucharest, June 26-27, 2015

Special Session “Mihai Pătrașcu”

Mihai Pătrașcu (17 July 1982 – 5 June 2012) was one of the most remarkable computer scientists of the beginning of this century. Pătrașcu’s work was concerned with fundamental questions about basic data structures and algorithms, and had a strong impact inside the TCS community. Pătrașcu received the Machtey Award for the best student paper at the Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science in 2008, and the Presburger Award from the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science in 2012, for breaking “many old barriers on fundamental data structure problems, not only revitalizing but also revolutionizing a field that was almost silent for over a decade.”

Mihai Pătrașcu passed away in 2012, aged 29.

This year's edition of the workshop will also host a special session dedicated to the memory of Mihai Pătrașcu that will include a talk given by Mikkel Thorup (Copenhagen) and a talk given by Alex Andoni (UC Berkeley).