Special Sessions

Representing streams (Organizers: Jörg Endrullis and Dimitri Hendriks)

  • Juhani Karhumäki (Turku)
    k-Abelian Complexity: A New Complexity Measure for Infinite Words (with J. Cassaigne, S. Puzynina, A. Saarela and L. Zamboni)
  • Jean-Eric Pin (Paris)
    Newton's Forward Difference Equation for
    Functions from Words to Words
  • Narad Rampersad (Winnipeg)
    Recent Developments in the Theory of Automatic Sequences

  • Luke Schaeffer (Boston)
    A New Approach to the Paperfolding Sequences
    (with Daniel Goc, Hamoon Mousavi, and Jeffrey Shallit)

Automata, logic and infinite games (Organizers: Dietmar Berwanger and Ioana Leustean)

  • Christian Georg Fermüller (Wien)
    Connecting Lorenzen Style Games and
    Gentzen Style Calculi
  • Paulo Oliva (London)
    Nash Equilibria and Unbounded Games
  • Slawomir Lasota (Warsaw)
    Reachability Analysis of First-Order Definable Pushdown Systems (with Lorenzo Clemente)
  • Michael Vanden Boom (Oxford)
    Automata-Logic Connection for Guarded Logics

Reverse mathematics (Organizers: Damir Dzhafarov and Alberto Marcone)

  • David Belanger (Ithaca, NY)
    Pi-1-1 Conservation Theorems for COH
  • Takako Nemoto (Ishikawa)
    Determinacy of Infinite Games and Reverse Mathematics: Complexity of Winning Strategies
  • Ludovic Patey (Paris)
    How Colorings Reduce when Colors Increase
  • Paul Shafer (Ghent)
    Reverse Mathematics, Well-Quasi-Orders, and Noetherian Spaces (with Emanuele Frittaion, Matt Hendtlass, Alberto Marcone and Jeroen Van der Meeren)

Classical Computability Theory (Organizers: Marat Arslanov and Steffen Lempp)

  • Sergey Goncharov (Novosibirsk)
    Decidable Models and Complexity
  • Wei Li (Vienna)
    Nonstandard Models in KP-Set Theory and
    Recursion Theory
  • Dan Turetsky (Vienna)
    K-triviality and Fragments of Omega
  • Frank Stephan (Singapore)
    Covering the Recursive Sets (with Bjorn Kjos-Hanssen and Sebastiaan Terwijn)

Bio-inspired Computation (Organizers: Andrei Paun and Petr Sosik)

  • Alexandru Tomescu (Helsinki)
    Multi-Assembly Problems for RNA Transcripts
  • Erzsebet Csuhaj-Varju (Budapest)
    P Automata and dP Automata: Models for Natural Systems
  • Ion Petre (Turku)
    Modeling with Exploration Systems
  • Sergey Verlan (Paris)
    Universality in Molecular and Cellular Computing

History and philosophy of computing (Organizers: Christine Proust and Marco Benini)

  • Laura Crosilla (Leeds)
    Error and Predicativity
  • Felice Cardone (Turin)
    Computers and the Mechanics of Communication.
    Outline of a Vision from the Work of Petri and Holt
  • Baptiste Mélès (Nancy)
    Upgrade Your Abacus: Computing Tools Extensions
  • Eric Vandendriessche (Paris)
    Algorithmic Practices in Oral Tradition Societies: the
    Case of Sand Drawing and String Figure-Making


CiE 2015: Evolving Computability
Bucharest, Romania: 29 June to 3 July 2015

Organizers: Radu Gramatovici (Bucharest), Liviu Marin (Bucharest)
Programme Committee Chairs: Victor Mitrana (Bucharest), Mariya Soskova (Sofia)
Tutorial Speakers: John Reif (Duke Unversity), Steve Simpson (Pennsylvania State University)
Invited Speakers: Ann Copestake (University of Cambridge), Mircea Dumitru (University of Bucharest), Pawel Gawrychowski (University of Warsaw), Julia Knight (University of Notre Dame), Anca Muscholl (Université Bordeaux), Gheorghe Paun (Romanian Academy), Alexander Razborov (University of Chicago and Steklov Mathematical Institute), Vlatko Vedral (University of Oxford)

Conference Series

Computability in Europe

The conference series Computability in Europe started with CiE 2005. Since 2008 it is the conference series of the Association Computability in Europe.
The series is coordinated by the CiE Conference Series Steering Committee:

Arnold Beckmann (Swansea, chair, 2005-2017)
Laurent Bienvenu (Paris, 2012-2016)
Alessandra Carbone (Paris, 2014-2018)
Barry Cooper (Leeds, president of the Association CiE)
Natasha Jonoska (Tampa FL, 2011-2015)
Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam, 2005-2017)
Florin Manea (Kiel, 2013-2017)
Dag Normann (Oslo, treasurer of the Association CiE)
Mariya Soskova (Sofia, 2012-2016)
Susan Stepney (York, 2013-2017)


CiE 2015 is organised by the Faculty of Mathemics and Computer Science of the University of Bucharest.

University of Bucharest Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

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